Talib Kweli - Rare Portraits

While touring with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis last fall, I had the honor of getting to know the Hip-Hop legend Talib Kweli. He pitched an idea for a simple music video for a track off his freshly released album Gravitas. The concept was genius. A walk from dressing room to stage while rapping about his career, influence, collaborations and the culture of hip - hop over the last 20 years. After tossing the idea around for a few weeks on the road we finally decided to shoot in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. 


This was a perfect job for the MoVI M10 from freefly systems. A long walk? stabilized? done. Special thanks to Ryan Haug, Chris Duerkopp & Mitchell Overton.
Check it out, I'd love your thoughts.


Rare Portraits © 2014 Talib Kweli
Written by Talib Kweli
Produced by OhNo

Video Directed by Joel Clare
Executive Producer Talib Kweli & Donna 
MoVI Operated by Ryan Haug and Joel Clare
Edit & Color by Joel Clare
Production Assist / G&E - Chris Duerkopp & Mitchell Overton